Bryan Ferry: Johnny and Mary

Romance at Wolf’s Lair from the Roxy Music frontman

“Johnny and Mary” was recorded with the help of Norwegian DJ and producer Todd Terje. A stylistically distinctive work-up, which felt melancholy moves the soul. In duly robe, Robert Palmer’s early-80s existential classic.

“Initially we tried it fast like the original,” says Ferry. “But later Terje gave it a different, slower feel, which was much better. I play some piano on this version, which I hope compliments Terje’s futuristic programming.”

Directed by photographer Brantley Gutierrez and starring British model Eliza Cummings, the black and white short was filmed at two of Los Angeles’s most infamous landmarks: the Chateau Marmont and Wolf’s Lair, a replica of a Norman castle that overlooks the Hollywood sign.